Our Perfect Wedding Made Reality

Our wedding day was perfect.

But it wasn’t because of anything I’d done.

Awake early on Saturday morning, I’m penning my favorite memories of Gray – reflecting on our past, looking to a bright future.

Bobby pins, makeup bags and hairspray are scattered on the counter in front of me. Bridesmaids – best friends from ages and sisters – are quietly humming as they pin back my hair and fix my makeup. One gave up an afternoon earlier that week to do a trial run. One has spent hours designing my invitations and ceremony programs. The others helped me pick out my dress and calm my tears when I thought I couldn’t get it on time. They’ve all come this week, put aside their own busy lives, and helped me with all the last-minute things I procrastinated on.

The flowers and centerpieces that are in the hotel fridge were arranged by a cousin who was not only from out-of-town, but also had a small baby in tow. They’re beautiful and I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have them.


Driving up to the Mill, I’m craning my neck to catch a glimpse of what’s happening. Scattered around the property there are friends from my hometown, groomsmen, family – they’ve come hours early to set up chairs, tables, arrange the centerpieces, decorate. Things I’ve planned, but never could have executed on my own.


A few of Gray’s siblings and cousins arrive, and as we’re finishing with pictures (from two amazing photographers that I couldn’t have been more grateful for – and could never thank enough) I can hear strains of music from their string quartet through the trees. All we had to do was pick a few songs and a wonderful sister-in-law took care of the rest. It’s so beautiful, and I can’t believe their time and talents are a gift for us.

I’ve forgotten to write instructions for the ceremony decorations, and I’m calling my mom in a panic to tell her. It’s too late, but they’ve improvised and what they’ve done is perfect.


My new brother-in-law is assisting with the ceremony and I never had to send him more than an outline of what I needed. A new uncle is busy setting up the video and sound equipment. He’d volunteered and taken care of every detail – something I never could have done. We forgot that we never got an “emcee” – but it’s OK. My uncle is happy to fill in with five minutes notice and a torn off note card with scribbled instructions.

Even during the reception, I know my mother’s friends are busy setting up the food and keeping it filled. The cookie and dessert table is the most elegant thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m in love. Their busy hands stop for a few minutes and my verbal thanks couldn’t express how grateful I am.

I’m completely in awe that so many people are here to help, to give, to sacrifice, to love us.

Our wedding was perfect. We couldn’t have done it without help. We couldn’t have done it without you.



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