My Perfect Wedding

You’re getting married in August? Oh wait – you mean, this August? 

I can’t believe that you’re planning a wedding in just four months!


Neither can I. But when we picked our date, I knew it would be hard to get everything done. But I was ready for a challenge.

Watch me. 

I can do this.

I’ve been planning my wedding since I was 15. I love(d) everything about weddings and the celebration. All I wanted was a beautiful, perfect wedding celebrating my perfect love story and perfect life.

Until I met Gray. And I stopped making plans.

Because I really, really liked him. And I didn’t want my “plans” to get in the way of a relationship. I didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

And then my family’s income was drastically reduced in one fell swoop. My home community fell apart and the perfect church and reception venues I assumed I would use were no longer an option.

That perfect wedding? It required money and time. Two luxuries we didn’t have.

Luxuries we discovered we didn’t need.

That perfect relationship? The one spent over a year apart? The one where communication was reduced to skype and whatsapp for four months? That relationship that was frustrated by several hours of distance, 18+ credit hours of study, and the worst winter in Pennsylvania ever?

I discovered that I didn’t need that wedding. And I didn’t even want to spend the money to get it. What mattered was that I was marrying the imperfect man that I loved. And we wanted our family and friends to share those moments with us.

That celebration doesn’t need to take place in a approved venue. We don’t need a caterer or florist. It doesn’t need Pinterest-Perfect decorations or everything personalized, engraved, or hand-made.

It doesn’t matter if it rains and our outdoor ceremony turns into a standing-room only ceremony in our almost-too-small venue with children sitting on the floor at our feet.

We’re making eternal promises and we want witnesses who love and support us.

That’s it.

In the end, my wedding day will be perfect.

Regardless of what happens – I’ll still end up married to Gray.



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