The Gift of Family

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers!

It’s only fitting that the last day of my 21 Gift challenge would be one of the most important gifts in my life: my family. I arrived late last night at my parents’ home to a foot of snow, a warm fire, and lots of hugs and questions.

If you don’t know my family, let me introduce them.

My Parents: Jerry & Marci have been married 25 years, and are a wonderful example of a strong marriage. My dad has an incredibly strong work ethic, is compassionate, caring, a good listener – and always goes the extra mile for the people he knows, even when he has been trampled on. My mom is an amazing hospitable woman who brings a sense of peace and calm to our family and restores order in chaos. Even in hard times, I don’t hear them complain but instead hold firm to their faith that God has everything under control.

My sisters Colleen & Lydia you met previously on my blog. They are a joy, hard-working, and caring girls – and so incredibly beautiful.

My brothers: Jonathan & David have done nothing but drive me insane for most of their lives. Actually – they still make me crazy. :)  However, in recent years they have grown into young men who are responsible and kind, and make me crazy only sometimes. Jonathan is well-liked by adults and his peers and is exceptionally good with young children – which I think is an uncommon trait in most teenage boys. David is a dedicated entrepreneur whose enthusiasm and energy are contagious to everyone around him.

photo 4

Spending 10 minutes trying to get everyone to smile at the same time, somehow still difficult even at our ages.

photo 1Today, the day we set aside for giving thanks, I want to recognize these people as some of the most important people in my life because they are the ones who have shaped me into the person that I am today. I miss them terribly in Lancaster & and hope that we don’t always live 5 hours apart.


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