The Gift of Open Arms

It’s been over a year and a half since I met my favorite Virginian family.

I remember being nervous the first time I met (all of) Gray’s family after only a few months of dating. Within minutes they made me feel at home and welcome – I was completely at ease. It didn’t take long for his sisters, nieces, and nephews to warm up to me either. (I may have read aloud the entire works of Dr. Seuss one weekend.)

I met the rest of the family after we had started dating and I went to visit them the summer after Spain. I remember walking in to their home in Arlington and being greeted with open arms. You can’t imagine a nicer family than the Gustafsons (except mine, of course.).

972119_10151477870893160_321305941_nA year and a half later I decide to visit at the last minute and walk into the kitchen to the same open arms. I count it a blessing that I am comfortable enough to spend a weekend with my boyfriend’s family while he is still in Spain. Or that they would come to Lancaster to visit me for the weekend. Not everyone has that kind of relationship – but to me, it’s almost like, “Well, why not?”

Today I’m thankful to know that there is always an open bed, a place at the table, and a listening ear in Arlington if and when I need it.

(PS: This is yesterday’s post that I wrote two days ago, but didn’t have the chance to post it for Wednesday’s gift. sorry!)


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