The Gift of Grace

You know, I’m not the type of person that believes that books can solve your problems. In fact, I almost never recommend self-help or spiritual books to people. I don’t really enjoy them myself.

But obviously since I’ve practically devoted my entire blog to 1000 Gifts over the past few months, this book is different. I won’t spend time trying to persuade you to read it, but rather simply say: if you find yourself complaining more often than you’d like, or you have a hard time thinking of more than 10 things to be thankful for, or you don’t know how to respond when God lets bad things happen… I suggest reading this book.

I’ve learned to better handle stress. I’ve learned hard lessons about forgiveness and peace. I’ve learned how to find positives things in negative situations. I’ve learned that sometimes you can’t see the positives in negatives – but failing to thank God for them is denying his power to use those situations for good.

But you know what? Without God’s immense grace I wouldn’t have learned anything. I don’t attribute this spiritual growth to Ann Voskamp – the book was just one of many ways God was able to work in my life over the past few months.

I’m still learning – I don’t have it all down. I daily fail to be thankful in some way.

So most of all, this Thanksgiving season – I’m thankful for His grace which opens blind eyes and closed minds to better understand his mercy.


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