The Gift of Hospitality

It’s almost 10pm and I’m sitting in my kitchen in Lancaster, just remembering that I haven’t written about a gift for today. I have a lot of things I’m thankful for right now, but there is one that I’m currently really grateful for.

Letting other people take care of me.

I just spent the weekend with my favorite Virginians in Arlington & I was so thankful for a break from Lancaster and my never-ending to-do list. Especially cooking for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking – but it’s pretty boring and mundane when you just do it for yourself. The things I feed myself are not necessarily things I would be proud to feed others. A couple leaves of lettuce and a spoonful of peanut butter? Sure!

In three days, I’m going to visit my parents – which means my mom will be the primary cook in the household – and I can’t wait. Note: I know that I’ll probably end up doing my fair share of the cooking – but I’m thrilled that I don’t depend on my own creativity this week.

Especially when I come home from a weekend away, refuse to buy groceries for the week, and then try to come up with something using the 2 leeks, 3 eggs, lemon, lime, potatoes, and banana in my fridge. Or at least something that won’t take more than 5 minutes to put together and will still taste good microwaved. (I didn’t come up with anything.)

It’s not just food that gets me to leave Lancaster. It’s the ability to relax and forget responsibilities and work. If I had stayed in Lancaster the whole weekend, I would have spent quite a bit of time working and not taking a needed break. And leaving for Thanksgiving? I can’t wait to go to bed ridiculously early, take naps, and not think about planning meals or buying groceries.

So that’s what I’m thinking about tonight as I consider the 3000+ things I have to accomplish before Wednesday. There’s nothing quite like the Sunday night scramble to make you super thankful for the hospitality of others. :)


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Hospitality

  1. Fritatta! Grated potato, sliced leeks sauted – eggs poured over all. It will take more than 5 minutes, but will probably taste ok microwaved the next day if you had leftovers. Oh yeah, just eat the banana with some peanut butter for dessert. Can’t wait to cook WITH you this week.

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