The Gift of Unexpected

I walked out of my house at 8:50 this morning, barely with enough time to drive to work for our daily 9am meeting.

Which is when I looked down and remembered that I didn’t have my keys. And I had locked the door behind me. I was locked out with no way of getting in, and no car keys to drive to work.

Then something strange happened – I laughed.

Any other time of my life I would have been in absolute panic – with no idea what to do.

There was nothing I could do. None of my roommates were home – one is in Seattle, one was at work in York, and the third – well I had no idea where Sierra was, but she had lost her phone and I had no way of contacting her anyway.

So, I picked up my bag and started walking to work.

I’m grateful that I only live 1 mile from my job. I’m grateful that it had stopped raining by then. I’m grateful it wasn’t bitter cold. I’m grateful I hadn’t decided to wear heels that morning or take extra bags to work.

Yes, I was (10 minutes) late. Yes, it threw off my whole day. Yes, everyone laughed at me. Yes, I have awesome bosses and fantastic coworkers. (be jealous)

But mostly I’m grateful for the change of attitude that I’ve been able to develop that things like that don’t cause me to freak out anymore. That’s a real blessing.


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