The Gift of Busy

7am alarm. Oh, my head hurts. Did I really sleep 9 hours! Why the sleep hangover?

All day headache. MeetingsMeetingsMeetings. WorkWorkWork. Oh, my neck hurts. Tense crouched over a keyboard, squinting at two monitors. Never enough screen space. Quick, email that reporter before someone else does. Questions I can’t answer. Questions I’m trying to answer. What cupcakes are best for the open house? When are we decorating the office? No, I haven’t gotten that far. Beauty bloggers. Foreign oil consumption. Feeding America. Travel nurses. Engagement rings. Only 35 followers on Pinterest? I can see why.

It’s 2:30pm already? Hurry – you’re three minutes late for your call! How can I help you today? Google+? YouTube? Hmmm let me help you with that infographic. It’s so hot in this office! Caitlin, are we engaging on Facebook with potential clients? Hey, can you show me that new paid Facebook ad thing? Why aren’t we viral yet? Why aren’t we achieving our conversion goals? Maybe if you implemented the changes we suggested. Why does no one do that? Well….

It’s almost 5? Millions of things to do, but spinning class is in 30 minutes. See you later. Door slam. Traffic jam. Construction. Again. LOUD MUSIC ADRENALINE SWEAT WATER DONE. Hurry shower fast! Bites of leftover pasta. Ring Ring! Wait, Square 1 Coffee closes at 8? Okay. Prince Street instead? Be there in five. Wet Hair. Don’t care. Why is there never parking on Prince or King? Sorry I’m late – decaf tea please. Sip. Ahhhhh.

Today was a whirlwind. Between the millions of very important – always important client projects I was trying to accomplish, we had meetings, interruptions, last minute changes, and always racing the clock to get more accomplished in the billable time I have.

It’s not a bad busy. I don’t mind it. I still found time for some gifts today.

#248: Mom texting “I love you” for no reason.
#251: Morning sunshine on downtown buildings.
#252: Pink champagne cupcakes
#253: Sarah’s dad making lunch for the team
#255: Learning learning learning
#256: Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothies
#257: Spinning classes again!
#259: Tea with Lindsey at Prince Street
#260: Easy going clients like the NNA
#261: Free parking after 6

And guess what? Tomorrow is Friday!


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