The Gift of Lazy Saturdays

Gift #10: Weekends without expectations.

I didn’t spend a single weekend in Lancaster by myself this summer. Of course, I was living alone on the farm and my boyfriend was a short drive away – so why would I? However, since moving to the city, I’ve left Lancaster only 4 weekends in 12 weeks.

I’m thankful that my life has calmed down, I’ve gotten connected to the area, and I’ve finally had some lazy weekends. It’s nice that I don’t have my college weekend schedule anymore – where every minute of every weekend was booked solid. Instead, I maybe have a few things to do – but I have free time to finish my checklist and rest.

photo 2This Saturday I went to the gym with Lizzy, then enjoyed the beautiful warm weather (for November) with a quick run. (Picture was taken of St. Mary’s on my run) Erin and I walked to Central Market and picked up a few things. When we walked home, it was already afternoon – which was spent cleaning behind our stove (I suspected dead mice, and I was correct.), scrubbing the bathroom, organizing the piles of receipts and paperwork I had sitting in my room, cooking, and catching up with a friend from home.

Anyone who tells you post-college life is glamorous – is a big, fat liar. If I’m in Lancaster, I’m spending my weekend running errands that I don’t have time for during the week. Don’t get me wrong, I still do fun things – like see my friend Emily sing in an art gallery last night, or host dinners at the house, or meet a friend at a cafe. It just doesn’t happen every night.

So here’s to lazy Saturdays. They are truly a gift.


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