The Gift of Old Friends

Gift #9: Old Friends

They tell you that when you graduate from college maintaining friendships is hard.

What they don’t tell you is that “staying friends” often means talking to each other every few months instead of every day. Instead of “how was your test?” it turns into “what’s happened over the past three months?”

It’s disappointing, but it’s hard to find anyone to blame since it’s a natural part of moving on. This past week I played a little catch up with some of those close college friends. I finally talked to Mary and Rachel, who I hadn’t heard from since early this summer. I had a lovely phone date with one of my childhood best friends, Emily, and also caught my sister for a brief few minutes. (Not to mention the delightful Courtney spent the weekend here in Lancaster with me.) (Also not to mention the phone date I get to have this weekend with other childhood best friend, Anna.)

408194_4120459509113_1439472036_n(1)I love talking to these girls. I miss them terribly, and I hate that I don’t have strong close friendships with all of them. Unfortunately, that would be impossible to maintain. The reality is that we all have full-time jobs and evening activities and responsibilities that keep us from regular phone dates.

Today I’m thankful for all these girls who were my close friends through college. I’m thankful for the growth I’ve seen in their lives, and the opportunities they have now. I miss spending every day with them, and having their constant advice and laughter.


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