The Gift of Incredible Coworkers

#8: The Gift of Fan-freakin’-tastic Coworkers

web talent marketing

I work with incredibly talented people in Lancaster. I sit in meetings with some of the senior SEOs and watch them manipulate analytics, data sets, and all sorts of SEO tools to diagnose problems with websites. “Wait – do that again, how did you figure out that was the reason their rankings tanked?”

I look at the interactive department’s designs, listen to them talk about CRO, and I can only pretend to understand what they mean when they use coding terms. Our PPC manager tells me how he got a certain client’s ROI up even more this past quarter, and I can’t believe he did it with just a few changes.

My friend Emily just started working with me this past week. I was really excited when I could answer her questions, because I understood what I was talking about. Things I didn’t know 5 months ago are obvious to me now.  But then I spent the afternoon learning new technical SEO tricks from other coworkers, and I remembered how much more I have to learn.

web talent marketingThey’re not just talented – they’re great coworkers. They were all welcoming and fantastic when I started working there. My bosses are fantastic and have bent over backwards for me – including the time I got stranded on the farm and one drove to pick me up. My coworkers are funny, smart, and are always willing to help. I’m still learning, and I still have a million questions – and they’re always willing to help me out and answer those questions. This is especially true of Sarah, our account manager, who immediately befriended me and has gone out of her way to help me – to get client feedback faster, to offer training when everyone else was too busy, to offer advice and tips, to brainstorm with me – everything and more. I love working with her, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. (Plus she’s an awesome person to tag-team with for a presentation!)

After three months of dying to leave Lancaster, I can say that a major reason I’m now attached to this place is because of these awesome, talented marketers.


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