The Gift of Modern Heat

#6: The Gift of Modern Heat

I hate winter. I hate being cold. My fingers freeze and it’s hard to use knives, text, or play the piano. I hate sleeping in full-length pants and sweatshirts. I hate that I have to re-heat my tea about 10 times before I finish it because my house is so cold.

Since my roommates and I are cheap thrifty, we decided on a temperature to keep the house. I won’t reveal the number, but suffice it to say that our house rivals the inner circle of hell. (The one from Dante’s Inferno, not traditional imagery.) I’m sitting in our kitchen wearing two shirts + a sweater + a thick scarf + warm pants & socks + AND a thick fuzzy robe over top of everything. And I’m STILL cold.

Frigid Days in Spain

So even though I can’t get out of bed in the morning because I’m so cold – it could be worse. I’m pretty sure it was colder when I lived in Spain (with no central heat) in January. I’m fairly certain that it was colder in my freshman year dorm room because my roommate liked to leave the windows wide open when it was snowing.

Today I’m thankful for heat. Because I don’t have to sleep in the same bed with my roommates to keep warm, and I don’t have to put heated bricks in my bed to sleep through the night. Cups of water don’t freeze overnight in our house, and we have hot showers to warm us up in the mornings.  And most of all – being cold reminds me of how good I have it…

… and how much better it will be when I eventually move south. :)


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