The Gift of New Friends

#5: The Gift of New Friends

The day after I moved to the farm I met Lyndsey.

It’s funny because I didn’t ask God for much in my move to Lancaster – but I did ask for friends. After just talking to her for a little bit, she invited me to her Bible study. A few weeks later I finally had the opportunity to go, and that’s where I met Cait, Denae, and Betsy.

photo (1)

I was so blessed by that weekly Bible study when I was alone on the farm this past summer. I was out of town so many weekends that I met very few people at churches or in the community – but I had that group to encourage me and connect me to the area. We didn’t keep our friendship just to Monday nights, but have gone on picnics, gotten sushi, and most recently: enjoyed a cranberry-themed potluck dinner last night.

This fall we formed a bigger Bible study, which is how I met Linda, Juliana, and Sarah. Our weekly get-togethers have been encouraging, insightful, and nothing less than an enormous blessing to me.


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