The Gift of Christian Community

#4: Today’s gift is Wheatland Presbyterian Church.

wheatland presbyterian church lancaster pa
Image Credit: Wheatland Pres Facebook

One of the biggest priorities for me when I first moved to Lancaster was to find a church family. I had always had an easy in since I grew up as a Pastor’s kid.  Everyone knew who I was, and I never had to go out of my way to meet people or make friends. But in Lancaster I was alone, anonymous, and just one person in the sanctuary.

I’m thankful that I had to be the “new person” at a church where I didn’t know anyone. Why? It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. But it showed me how awfully inhospitable I had been to people visiting the churches I grew up in. How often did I go out of my way to talk to someone new? The number of times that happened is embarrassingly low.

I’m thankful for the solid gospel witness I see at Wheatland. I’m thankful for the beautiful music, which is different every week – using both old and new songs and a variety of instrumentation. I’m thankful for the spirit of tolerance to differing secondary doctrinal beliefs, the joy in worship, and the welcoming attitude of the people around me. 


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