The Gift of Receiving

Yesterday I talked about how I had been blessed to use my Spanish as a gift for others. One of my wonderful students just moved here from Mexico about 2 months ago. When I first met her, she couldn’t speak more than a few words of English. She is one of the most dedicated students I have, and she is such an inspiration to me. Since she was so new to the area, and I knew she was only here with her husband (who knows a lot more English) and young daughter, I offered to do some extra tutoring.

After putting it off for several weeks – with some valid excuses, and other invalid ones – I finally got to meet with her last weekend. And although she had offered to pay me for extra tutoring at the beginning, I refused. Except that when I went to leave this weekend, she wouldn’t let me leave without accepting a payment. Although I said no and I tried to bargain with her – she wouldn’t listen.

At first I felt bad because I really just wanted to help her to be nice, but after I thought about it – I wondered, what right do I have to deny her the opportunity to bless me with her gift? If she really wanted to pay me – I didn’t have any right to say no.  If that was her way of giving a gift, saying thank you, or blessing me – I had no business stopping her.

Regardless of my attitude, I am thankful for the grace to receive blessings from others – and not worry about what I owe them.


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