Grace in the Debris

For those of you who are not from the Garden Spot, it has been pouring down rain for a few days now. So much that streets were flooded, closed, and some schools have even taken half days.

I hate the rain, so finding the good in this gloomy weather has been a challenge.

It was even more a challenge when I came home yesterday to discover a leaky ceiling and water stains on my bed. A year ago, I would have freaked out. But I’m learning grace, peace, and thankfulness. Instead, I calmly stripped the bed, moved all my furniture to one side of my room and set out towels and buckets. My wonderful roommates helped, and one commented: “I can’t believe how calm you are about this situation!” Yeah, neither could I – but I guess that’s what they call grace.

Although I didn’t sleep as much as I would have liked, and I was up at 3am emptying buckets, switching towels, and throwing soaking wet ones in the laundry – I was given much grace for today. I didn’t feel excessively tired, and I was able to accomplish my work with a relatively positive attitude.

Especially when I came home from work today and found a large gaping hole in my ceiling. Broken plaster, wood, and scraps, and rain water were scattered all over my bedroom.

So my Friday night was spent doing more laundry, taking furniture out of my room, cleaning up the debris, and mopping up all the water on my floor. Ideal Friday night? Not so much.

I’ll admit that I felt a little overwhelmed when I came home to that mess, but I found that I was able to handle the situation with grace and peace by thinking about all the positive things that went along with this.

#112. Rain as a reminder of the cleansing power of Christ
#114. An extra bed from a roommate gone for the weekend
#116. More sleep than I expected
#119. Appreciation for living under a real roof
#121. Help & support from my roommates

debrisI could have freaked out. But what would that have solved? My landlords can only do so much when it’s still pouring rain. I can only clean up the mess that has been made. I don’t choose the situation – but I do choose my attitude.

Am I always positive, bright and cheery and talking about grace and peace? No! My boyfriend will tell you that our skype date tonight consisted of me complaining and nearly in tears.  It’s only by grace that I was able to pull it together and give thanks in the debris.


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