Week of Changes

I’ve been feeling particularly uninspired to write this summer. It was a complete whirlwind of changes and emotions and although I’m sad it’s ending, I’m also excited about the next season here in Lancaster. Here’s a quick summary of my summer.

  • My daily life during the week consisted of going to work, and then going home and barely having enough time to do laundry, buy groceries, pay bills, clean, cook, or talk to my boyfriend. (Real life = prioritizing, or in my case – never putting away your clothes or laundry for weeks at a time.)16288_10151628868803160_567882169_n
  • I spent nearly every weekend outside of Lancaster either attending weddings or visiting Gray + family in Arlington. The whole “feeling connected to Lancaster” thing didn’t really happen until late Summer.
  • I attended 6 weddings. The first was full of excitement and happiness and “oh my lanta they’re so in love!” By the end, I never wanted to eat wedding cake again.
  • The farm provided me a place for peace, quiet, reflection – not to mention gorgeous views and beautiful running paths. (Be shocked: I started running again this summer) As much as I hated the spiders and constant bugs, it was a great situation for the summer.

lancaster farmFast forward to the end of August and all these things changed last week. Gray left for Spain for four months, so my weekends and evenings freed up significantly. This past weekend I left the peaceful life of the farm to move to downtown Lancaster. Instead of hearing the donkey or rooster, I’m now hearing Latino music next door, car horns, and dogs barking. I’m living in a row house with 3 other girls in between a highschool and a prison. I’m only a mile from work, and I could walk downtown if I wanted. The house is really nice, I have my own room, and the girls are quiet and not around much.

This change came at a good time. Moving is keeping me busy and I won’t be isolated from people at a point in my life when I really need them around me. As much as I’ll miss my boyfriend, I’m excited to be in Lancaster on weekends to get settled in a church, start volunteering, establishing friendships, and doing things that I previously didn’t have time for.

Once I get settled and my life isn’t in boxes, I’ll have to post pictures of my new home and update you on more of my explorations in downtown Lancaster.


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