Lancaster: The Garden Spot

When I was driving to work last week I noticed that a new “Welcome to Lancaster” sign had been put up alongside the road I usually drive. One of these signs marking the boundaries of the city describes Lancaster as the “Garden Spot” of Pennsylvania. I guess it makes sense – it’s a really beautiful, peaceful city in PA.

For the first month that I lived in Lancaster, I worked Monday-Friday and left immediately from work for a weekend trip. I didn’t spend much time in Lancaster itself since I live outside the city, and I didn’t really get to know it.

grove city college alumniThe past two weekends I was able to stay in Lancaster and relax (aka do laundry, clean, and pay bills) and hang out with friends here. The first weekend one of my best friends, Anna, came to visit me and our other friend Emily L. Emily has lived in Lancaster her whole life, so she took Anna and I to some of her favorite places and I got to see a little bit more of the city. This past weekend, two of my best friends from college and my boyfriend came to visit so we could go to another wedding in the area. Gray came on Friday, and I showed him around Lancaster a little bit, and I took him to my favorite place to get ice cream (Carmen & David’s), and I showed him where I work.

central market lancasterThe next day we spent the morning at Central Market – the oldest indoor market in the US – and wandered around Lancaster a little more. After lunch we drove north to see Jamie & Bill get married and meet up with Courtney & Mary. The rest of the weekend was spent introducing Mary & Courtney to the farm animals I live with, visiting the church I really like, and exploring more of downtown Lancaster. All three have decided to move here with me.

Needless to say, there’s truth to Lancaster being called the “Garden Spot.” It’s an old city with many buildings dating back to the 1700s, and the downtown is filled with beautiful old brick buildings. It’s not a high rise city, and the suburbs are nice with miles and miles of GORGEOUS farmlands surrounding the city. Don’t believe me? Here’s some pictures from downtown Lancaster – and one of Courtney & Mary running away from the nasty rooster.

downtown lancaster  downtown lancaster lancaster farms

This weekend is 6 weeks from when I moved to Lancaster, and its finally feeling a little more like home. I’m settling into work – Ok, I’m bribing my way in by baking yummy desserts for Thursday production meetings. I found one church that I really like, although I still have a few I want to visit. I’ve made a few friends and I’ve been going to a Bible study with some girls I met through my landlords. I even like living on this farm, and I’ll be sad to leave in September, but excited to be a lot closer to work and living with girls my age.

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures, they are on my facebook page, which I invite you to “friend” me if we’re friends in real life. Perhaps my photos will convince you to make a weekend trip to The Garden Spot in the coming months.


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