The first thing we learned about Costa Rica, is that you can’t predict anything. At any moment the plan could change, and you have to be willing to change your plans and adapt to the situation. With VBS this meant that we had 1) no idea how many kids would come to VBS any day 2) when they would actually show up and 3) what ages they would be.  We had to be prepared to adapt our lessons and games and crafts for whatever the kids wanted to do.

VBS Volleyball

VBS Volleyball

Although we had plans and schedules, they were out the window within the first 5 minutes. We exchanged our planned games for a makeshift volleyball net in the middle of the church and played volleyball with the kids for 3 days. They loved it and never got tired of it.

Each day we showed them a different Veggie Tales movie (in Spanish of course), and then tied in a few questions and lesson time.  After lessons we did “crafts” with them. These crafts were a horn like Gideon’s, a slingshot like David (for marshmallows) and a t-shirt like Joseph and the coat of many colors. All of them were a hit with the kids! I quickly regretted the horn idea after 5 minutes of them running around blowing on them.

Pastor Using the Human Slingshot

Pastor Using the Human Slingshot

The favorite craft was the slingshot. The slingshots didn’t work exactly how we thought they would (bummer), but we had brought a giant slingshot to fling water balls and the kids loved it. That was also the day they found buckets of water and each of us got completely soaked.

I tried so hard to stay inside the church and avoid getting wet, but Papi and Zach grabbed me in a giant bear hug and dragged me outside where the kids dumped buckets of water over my head. I wish I could find the pictures of me looking like a drowned rat, but I’m not sure what happened to those.



VBS is one of my favorite things about this trip. I loved getting to know the kids – Kendell, five-ish years old, but with a broken arm and metal front teeth (baby teeth until they fall out). He was the first one I met on Monday because he didn’t want to play volleyball, so I got him to color with me until he was more comfortable.  I loved listening to the kids chatter on and only catching the basic gist of what they were saying. I loved Felipe and Jose – who were always getting into trouble, and I loved the little girls who behaved like they were angels sent from Heaven. Hands down this is the part of Costa Rica I’ll miss the most.


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