Leaving for Costa Rica

costa rica

Costa Rica

It was last Fall when I was sitting in chapel listening to a presentation on short term missions that I decided to join an ICO (inner city outreach) trip this Spring. I hadn’t really ever considered going on an ICO before because I usually had to work on breaks or catch up on school work. But as I sat there listening to several students talk about their experiences, I realized that I really didn’t have an excuse this year. Sure, I was graduating and I had a million things to accomplish over breaks – but once I got into “the real world” when was I ever going to be able to take a week off work and participate in a missions trip? That’s right – not likely ever.

It was a series of (clearly divine) events that led me to find ICO Costa Rica and join that team. It’s been a crazy few months trying to balance getting ready for the trip and accomplishing everything else in between. But God provided all the funding (and more!) and all the resources, time, and energy and now we’re finally leaving!

It’s March 22nd, and I’m sitting on a plane flying to Costa Rica. It feels surreal, and I’m not sure how I got here. I’ve been so busy this semester with senior projects and getting a job that I haven’t even had five seconds to really think about this trip.  It sounds silly, but I’m mostly excited for the technology fast that this trip provides. I won’t have to check my email, use any social media, or keep in contact with anyone other than the people that are immediately in my daily life.


In the PITT Airport

I’m sure it’ll be an awesome experience spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and everything and I can’t wait to see how God will use this trip. I’ve been apprehensive about it in some ways. I’m not worried about culture shock so much, since I have low expectations. And the language barrier doesn’t phase me since I remember how difficult it was to communicate in Spain. But I’ve been nervous about other things.  So this morning when we were checking our bags in the Pittsburgh airport, I was able to speak to one of the Delta employees in Spanish.  I LOVE speaking Spanish, so this was definitely an encouragement for the trip. I can’t wait to get there!


One thought on “Leaving for Costa Rica

  1. Yay!
    It’s awesome how sometimes these things just seem to sort of fall in place, almost without you trying. One thing leads to another and you discover something else and somebody randomly gives you money and all of a sudden you get wrapped up in an adventure like this. :D
    Man, I’m relating to you getting to speak Spanish at the airport–I miss hearing Japanese all around me and being able to understand it (even if I can’t respond correctly all the time :p ). Augh.

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