‘ta luego Málaga!

After saying goodbye to Milan, we took an early flight to Málaga. And this is when our trip got 100% less stressful. Since I already knew Málaga really well, it took us all of 30 seconds to get out of the airport and onto the metro into the city. Once there, I called Ricardo to ask if I could come to pick up my suitcases I had left the two largest ones in Ryan’s room for the week I was in Italy. Funny side note – he agreed to let me do this if I paid him 28 euros (4 euro/7 days) and when I told him I didn’t have the money to do that, and Ryan said she would lower my suitcases through the window – but then Ricardo told me that he would put Marijuana in my suitcase and call the police.

After visiting with Ricardo for a little bit, we began the trek to Pedrogalego (east Málaga). In addition to the 2 small suitcases that were my moms & sisters, and my backpack, we now had my two GIANT and HEAVY suitcases. We dragged those on and off the bus, and then up a giant hill until we found our hostel. Which was modern looking, very clean, very quiet, and had a lovely patio area for sitting and eating. Plus it was barely 3 blocks inland from the beach.

To sum up our time in Málaga: beach, eating, beach, relaxing, beach. I took my mom to Pepe y Pepa – a really good tapas restaurant in Málaga, we also (finally) went to Noodles with my roommate Ryan, we went to the market near my school, we drank Tinto de Verano on the beach, slept on the beach, read magazines on the beach, got ice cream on the beach… and etc. We also went to a flamenco show at a tapas bar – very touristy, but that’s OK.

The best part of our trip to Málaga was taking my Mom & sister to La Alcazaba. I wrote about it back in February here (https://soycaitlin.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/la-alcazaba/) if you want the information about it. This was my way of saying “‘ta luego” to Málaga (ta luego = hasta luego) and while I was being all nostalgic… my mom and sister were busy taking pictures that would get us kicked out of La Alcazaba.

Here’s a few pictures of our time.

me being super nostalgic

A sign nearby said “not drinkable” (in spanish)

next to a sign that said “no bathing”

Mom & I

in La Alcazaba



the beach inlet by our hostel


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