The Ever-Leaning Tower of Pisa

I didn’t take the classic “holding up the tower of Pisa” picture, and I didn’t take the classic “pushing over the tower of Pisa” picture either.

I did, however, go to visit the city of Pisa, and I did see the Tower of Pisa. Oh, and it leans pretty far. About 15 feet.


Friday morning we got up early and caught a train from Florence to Pisa. After arriving, we did a Rick Steves walking tour of the city from the train station to the tower. Pisa definitely had a little bit of an university-town feel, and there was lots and lots of students out and about. It was definitely neat to see Pisa as Italians do, since most tourists go straight to the Tower and that’s all they see. We passed millions of cafes, gelaterias, and sandwich shops and as we got closer to the tower… millions of touristy shops.

Acoustic Perfection Found Here

This baptistery next to the tower of Pisa was built with such acoustic perfection, that every half hour… a priest sings in their and creates a multi-part harmony with himself in this building.

The lawn here and nearby was filled with Italian school field trips, tourists from every country imaginable and more.

We walked to the tower, and then back to the train station to catch the next train to Cinque Terre (next post!). The following are a few snapshots of Pisa & the typical experience we had in Italian towns.

This is Italy.

Everyone in Italy & Spain drives motorcycles or scooters. Why? Because the cities have the tiniest streets, and no parking. It only makes sense to take public transportation, to walk, or to ride a Vespa. I love that the buildings are ancient, with the painted plaster & stonework and wooden doors. I love that people live in buildings that have been around for ages. It’s amazing to me.

Gelato – what’s new?

Did I mention that we got gelato at least once a day? Or at least one of us did. The had so many amazing flavors & things I’d never seen before! Green Apple? Yes please!! Oh my lanta. Amazing! This one she’s eating is mango & pineapple. Yum!

That’ll Work.

And even though I didn’t get my picture holding up the tower… I lay on the ground to get this winner.


One thought on “The Ever-Leaning Tower of Pisa

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture, Caitlin! Too funny! :) And I love seeing pictures of your mom in Italy. How cool! Love to everyone –

    Mrs. P

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