Echo de menos…

It’s Monday, my last day in Málaga. After I take all my finals, I will catch a bus to Madrid to fly to Milan on Tuesday morning. There I will meet my mom & sister to spend a week in Italy, and then 5 days in Málaga.  It’s such a bittersweet day. I’m so excited to be done with my finals & to see my family and come back to the US… but I’m so sad that my time in Spain is over. I wouldn’t have traded this semester for anything else – I learned so much and grew so much. So what will I miss the most?

I’ll miss living on the Mediterranean coast.

La Costa del Sol

I’ll miss these girls (and others).

Me, Tori, Carly, Shelly, Tabitha

I’ll definitely miss living with Ryan, Emma & Ricardo. (not pictured yet!)

Taylor, Ryan, Me & Kelcie

Peter, Me, Ashley, Emi

I’ll miss the stress-free days with my close friend-turned-boyfriend.
(yes, that just happened. does this alleviate the questions? ;))

Gray & I

I’ll miss the culture of Andalucia.


I’ll miss the wonderful weather & gorgeous countryside here.


I’ll miss classes that taught me tons without 99% of the stress.

Studying on the beach... does it get any better?

I’ll miss speaking Spanish on a daily basis.

La Playa Malagueta

I’ll miss the easy access of traveling to vastly different cultures.


I’ll just miss Málaga.



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