Our last ISA excursion was to Sevilla this past weekend.  It was a 3 hour bus ride away, and after our arrival in Sevilla, we divided into groups and took a tour of the Palacio, the old royal palace, where the royal family stays now when they visit Sevilla. Uuuunforunately, since I took Spanish Art History this semester, I was bored during the whole tour since I had studied all the buildings we toured.

We then went to the Cathedral & La Giralda. Same story as before, uninteresting to me and the same as every other cathedral I had seen in Europe. But we still got to climb to the top of La Giralda and see a sweet view of Sevilla.

Sevilla is beautiful. I absolutely loved it, but it’s not my Málaga.


Stained glass in the Cathedral

After the tour we had some free time, which I used to go to one of the 6000 Starbucks in Sevilla and buy a passion tea. I can’t begin to tell you how much I missed drinking more than 1-2 types of tea all semester. I was in heaven.

We came back to the hotel, and spent the afternoon napping, laying out on the roof, showering (more than 5 minutes!!!), and hanging out. For dinner, a few of us found a cuban place near the hotel and… I got black beans!!!! These are rare to non-existent in Spain, so I was super excited. I mean, I had other stuff besides that, but the black beans were so so good.

A lot of my friends went out that night, but I was sooo exhausted from the week that I came back to the hotel – tried to work on one of my papers – and went to bed by 11pm. You can judge if you want. I got up the next morning, fairly well rested, and worked on my paper a little bit more before breakfast. One thing I love about ISA is that we always stay in niiice hotels in Spain and get an amaaazing breakfast included. If you were to buy this breakfast, I guarantee it would cost something between 15-20 euros.

Las Jardines

ISA took us to Maria Luisa’s gardens – which were once private gardens of royalty (i’m not sure??) and were donated to the city for the people to enjoy. We only got to briefly walk through them, and we walked to Plaza de Espana. Which is where a small portion of Star Wars I was filmed. No big deal, right? I loved this day, and I wish that we had had more free time to spend here, rather than the day before. There’s also a large area in the gardens where people can come and feed birds. A lot of my friends couldn’t get the birds to eat out of their hands, but I had very little problems. Gray calls me the “bird whisperer” because the same thing happened in Paris.

Feeding the Birds

We had free time for lunch, which a few of us went to a Spanish chain called Cien Montaditos – it’s a super cheap (1 -3 euro) sandwich shop. I tried the calamari one and a tortilla de patatas one – in both cases: I’ve had better. But still for 2 euros? I’m not complaining. I paid more than that for my second starbucks passion tea. :)

Gray & I in Plaza de Espana


2 thoughts on “Sevilla

  1. um, excuse me, Sevilla is the best city in the world!!!! No, seriously, I think that the inside of the cathedral is underwhelming. The outside is much better. And the alcazar is very nice but after the alhambra in Granada….

    And there are only 3 starbucks in Sevilla to my knowledge. The thing is, they are all on the same street!

    And the whole not going out to work on papers thing sounds like something I would do :)

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