Nerja & Marbella

Street in Marbella

Around Málaga, and all throughout Andalucia, there are small Spanish towns known as the “White Cities of Andalucia.” They are typical Spanish villages and places that are authentically Spanish.  This past month, I was able to go to two of them: Nerja and Marbella. Both of them have been built up by the tourism (especially Marbella!) industry, but there are still parts of them that are beautiful and charming.

They are called the White Cities because the houses and buildings are all whitewashed. It’s really beautiful to see the lines of them up on the hills, in the mountains, and along the coast of the Mediterranean.

The old part of Marbella was beautiful, and the newer business-centered area was very well-kept as well. The beach had some of the most gorgeous sand I’ve ever seen. It didn’t compare to Mallorca beaches, but it was fine and hot and beautiful. It was also 80 something degrees that day, and it was a perfect beach day. I also failed to put sunscreen on all my body and ended up burning for the (first?) time here.

Oh, and the water was crystal clear! It even got hot enough that I swam in the Mediterranean for the first time.

Crystal Clear

Tori, Shelly & I in the water (PROOF)

Nerja was a different story. Nerja has really famous caves because the world-record-breaking biggest stalactite was discovered in these caves. The beaches in Nerja are not as beautiful as Marbella though. They are pebble beaches and are lined with rock formations. Don’t get me wrong – still pretty. But it wasn’t Marbella. I also tried blackberry ice cream (“mora” en espanol) and it was sooooo good. It was also unfortunate that it was pretty windy, and although we found a nice spot between rocks on the beach… there was a creepy guy watching us, and it was super windy and cold in our spot. So we quickly moved to a much more crowded, but warmer and safer place.

Las Cuevas



Nerja Beach


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