Mallorca is an incredibly beautiful island off the coast of eastern Spain, near Barcelona. My friends and I flew from Barcelona to Mallorca for the second half of Spring break. It was a huuuge change from Barcelona where we were onthegoeverypossibleminute.

Getting there was a little rough though because I didn’t have good directions, and only had the address. Also, I didn’t have Rick Steves to guide me –  I needed to learn how to do things on my own, right? ;)

I ended up asking for directions – in Spanish – at least 20 times. Most people were nice, but others… not so much. We got to the bus station & realized we had absolutely NO clue where to get off on the bus. I had the phone number for the apartments, sooooo I mustered up the courage to make a phone call in Spanish. Which went perfectly fine & I got the information we needed. I also called our restaurant in Barcelona & made a reservation two days before, so yay for me being fearless. :P

can you believe that water?

I had found & rented an apartment in an area just south of Palma de Mallorca (capital) for ridiculously cheap. Technically this is still off-season for the island… and then the area we were in was very touristy/British/German. Hardly any Spaniards to be found. (See picture below for the type of touristy stuff we were surrounded by)

No one was especially nice to us – and even the Spaniards we ran into on the extremely over-crowded buses were downright rude. We were standing on the bus practically suffocating – I was literally suffocating in the armpit of a vacationing retiree – and the Spanish women pushed past us, yelling “pasa!” at us. We went out one night to find ice cream, and I felt like I was on a Jershey Shore boardwalk the way it was lit up & the behavior of the inhabitants of the bars. All the British bar promoters were downright rude and almost offensive in their treatment of us – We just want ice cream, OK?!

View from our Apartment

We had wanted to go to the north of the island to see the traditional Spanish areas & the “cliffs” over there, but unfortunately it was reallyyy overcast & sort of rainy for a lot of our time there, so we ended up staying near our apartment on the beach… eating, sleeping, reading & hanging out. I think it was the most relaxed I’ve been all break – and I live on a beach in Málaga. So go figure.


We had a kitchen, so we were able to make all our own food – divided we each spent about 17 euros on food for almost 3 days. AND we were able to make things that we don’t often get in Spain. Couscous with vegetables, spinach & garbanzos, fajitas & GUACAMOLE.  I absolutely loved it because I love cooking & I have missed it sooo much since coming here. Especially cooking vegetarian food. (Kelsey is vegetarian) Plus, we also made french toast & over-easy eggs (my favorite!)

Shelly & Courtney "Cooking"

In reality, Kelsey did most of the cooking

On a whim, I suggested we buy Nutella… good call on my part because we ate the ENTIRE jar in one day. And then bought another jar for the second day. We put it on absolutely everything – apples, crackers, french toast, bread, fruit, peanuts, spoonfuls of it… I even tried it on carrots – Nutella works for most things, but carrots is not one of them.

La Catedral

The final day we spent in Palma de Mallorca seeing the Cathedral – which is, hands down, my absolutely favorite Cathedral I’ve seen so far. I studied it in my Art History class here & it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s simple, symmetrical, but still has the perfect amount of decoration. And I love “los arcos volantes” (flying buttresses).

We also visited the Aquarium in Mallorca – a little expensive, but absolutely worth it. I had so much fun seeing all the fish & reading about them & then seeing the sharks. They had an opportunity to swim with the manta rays for really cheap, and I wish I had done it now – but oh well. :)


I was having #WordPressProblems while trying to write this and it wouldn’t format half of the pictures I wanted. Soooo… here is the link to my album on facebook. Definitely check it out for a minute because there are some really great pictures of the aquarium, beach, cathedral & everything else. :)


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