La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s most famous work-in-progress ever. Construction began in 1882 and I’ve heard estimates of completion in 2026. It is nothing like anything I have ever seen before in my life.

The Nativity Facade

The Nativity Facade is a lot of Gaudi’s work – more ornate but with that art nouveau twist. I loved it.

The Passion Facade

The Passion Facade is much more recent, and it was designed by a different architect. I really liked the simplicity of it.

Interior Ceiling

The Stained Glass

The Passion Facade - Larger View (from Wikipedia)

Despues, fuimos a Parc Guell – which is Catalan, and while I could get the general gist of reading Catalan, I couldn’t pronounce it. One of the guys that we talked to the night before before pronounced it something like “par guay” – at least, I was confused as to why he was talking about the south american country (paraguay?)  but eventually I figured it out.

In any case, it is a Park designed by Gaudi that was supposed to be sort of a housing development for the rich. Sin embargo, la gente rica no querrían estar muy lejos del centro de la ciudad. (The rich didn’t want to be far from the city center). So the idea didn’t take off.

Parc Guell

Courtney & I


From there we went to Barca Stadium. But it was very expensive to tour. So we just walked around a little bit.

Then we went and got lunch at an AMAZING market off of Las Ramblas, and we got 1 euro fruit juice blends that were soooo good. I wish I could’ve taken more pictures but I was terrified of getting pickpocketed, so I left my belongings in my bag. I also finally got BAKLAVA (reference to my Granada post!) and we had falafel pitas for lunch.


We explored some more, but finally returned to the hotel that evening. We decided to go out for a nice dinner because we had opted not to go to a discoteca, so we found a nice place in the center and went. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible delicious it was. I got a risotto that was made with coconut milk and also had some seafood with platano slices. And we shared a bottle of vino rosé, which by far has been the absolute best wine I’ve ever had. Too bad I don’t know what it was called.


Shelly & Kelsey

For dessert we opted for ice cream down the street at a place that shapes it like a rose in your cone. The desserts sounded amazing at our restaurant, buuut we considered 3 euro ice cream to be a better deal than 7 euro something else.

Kelsey & rose shaped ice cream


One thought on “La Sagrada Familia

  1. Caitlin! It was great talking to you on Skype this morning! :) What a fun surprise!
    So glad you had a great time in Barcelona.

    Love –

    Mrs. Potter

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