Huelga General

So I didn’t go to school today. And I don’t feel bad about considering I’m an overachiever here, and have missed all of one day of classes in two months. (I prefer to think of it as “consistent” and not “overachiever”.)

Why did I miss school? Because the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Spain was on strike.


Which meant there were practically zero buses, which meant I couldn’t get to my class unless I wanted to walk an hour and a half to school. Aaaand considering I have two papers to still write before the end of school, I opted to work on that.

Here’s a few pictures from right outside my apartment as Ryan & I tried to wade through the crowds and go to the ISA office.


I don’t really understand everything behind the strike, other than it was a strike against the labor reform. I don’t have a stand on it because I have no idea what to think about it. Plus, I’m an American and I can’t have an opinion anyway.

I am blessed that I am in Malaga, and it was just loud this morning. By the afternoon, it had calmed down and I don’t think there was a hint of violence.

However, watching the news about the strike made me angry tonight. Seeing the fires, destruction, and violence in Barcelona & around Spain was insane. And then the way the protesters treated the businesses that were open or closed with so much contempt made me furious. There was absolutely no reason for breaking their windows, slashing tires, and throwing old food or paint at them, or harassing the workers. How is that helpful to ANYONE? No, instead of having money to hire extra workers or pay their current staff… they have to spend money replacing their broken windows

Yes, that’s economic progress for you. But then again, a country-wide strike does a lot for economic growth too. Image


One thought on “Huelga General

  1. I’m glad things weren’t too dangerous in Malaga. I have some friend in high school who is studying abroad in Barcelona right now, and took a picture of himself in front of a burning car…

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