Estas Fotos

I experienced some pretty sweet things in Málaga & Andalucía this week. Instead of writing a massive post about them, I’m just going to share a few snapshots.

Gray’s mom, sister & his friend Katie (studying in Florence right now) were visiting for the week, and on Thursday I met them at the beach, and then we took them to our favorite chocolate con churros cafe, and then afterwards we climbed to the top of el Gibralfaro – the ancient moorish fortress that overlooks Malaga from this hill/mountain. We watched the sun set, and it was hermosa.

Daytime View of Malaga


Nighttime View of Malaga

I had a lot of fun spending time with them – I missed being around a family so, so badly – especially since Gray’s sister is 12, and very close in age as my sister, Lydia who is now 10.

El Gibralfaro

Near Sunset en El Gibralfaro

Today, ISA took us to El Torcal, which is a random giant rock forest in the middle of nowhere just north of Málaga. I don’t remember the history exactly, but there isn’t anything like it anywhere else in the world. It’s almost like “lunar surface” in my opinion, and pictures don’t do it justice as to how awesome it really is. Apparently, this area of Spain was covered by water and that’s why it’s like this here – there’s proof to because they’ve found fossils of seashells here. The presentation they gave us was based on evolutionist theory and the billions of years ago and erosion and more complicated stuff. I guess if you’re a creationist, you can also say it’s evidence of the flood.

In any case, this is my favorite excursion ISA has taken us on, because I LOVE CLIMBING OVER ROCKS.  How is it not the most fun thing in the world to alternate between being a monkey and a mountain goat? I can’t think of anything else.


El Torcal

Funny story about this one. Where I am sitting taking this picture is where we ate lunch after the hike. Some of the more adventuresome students decided to go and climb to the top of that. I was climbing down from my perch and ran into Gray – who then challenged me to a race to the top, and then took off running. SO here I am, running after him screaming “THAT’S NOT FAIR YOUR LEGS ARE LONGER THAN MINE!” Keep in mind that Gray is at least 6′ 4″ and I’m only 5′ 3″. Of course, I had ZERO chance in the world in this race, cause he turned into a gazelle (or if you’re Anna, you call him a “gazette”) and lept up the rock formation.

While I’m standing at the bottom, trying to figure out how to get up there. I was still near the bottom when he reached the top. And everyone (all 40ish ISA peeps) are still eating their lunch laughing and cheering for me, while I’m trying to scale these rocks. I eventually got to the top 10 minutes later.

It was worth it. The view was amazing.

El Torcal


Dora the Explorer

Classic Caitlin face. This is me having a giant burst of energy and singing the Dora the Explorer song while he hike through El Torcal – I was at the tail end of the procession since we got a little separated part way through. “Come on, vamanos, everyone let’s go…”

Did you know that in Spain, Dora teaches kids English? Qué interesante!



2 thoughts on “Estas Fotos

  1. I want to see a rock forest!
    & is that a tye-dye D’ Phi shirt?!
    & you saying that thing about Dora the Explorer now makes an encounter I had with a first generation 3 year old latina make so much more sense… lawl~

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