My Golden Birthday

Tuesday night I tried to explain what a golden birthday was to Emma. I don’t think they have something like it in Spain because she didn’t understand – “cumple de oro” doesn’t translate into Spanish at least. ;] I told her that Wednesday was special becausenot only was it my 21st birthday, but I was turning 21 on the 21st day of March.

I’d been a little homesick the first few days of the week because I had just spent time with my good friends from home, and I was really sad I wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday with my family and best friends.I was able to skype my parents at least for a little bit & they sang happy birthday to me.

La Tarta de Manzanas

I woke up on Wednesday and went to eat breakfast, but before I could grab my normal pan tostada, Emma and Ricardo walked into the room singing “Happy Birthday” to me (in spanish of course) and Emma had made me a special birthday breakfast!! She called it “tarta de manzanas” – basically apple pie. It was really, really yummy.

I went to school where all my friends wished me happy birthday, and we had grammar class outside because I asked Carlos (the prof) if we could because it was my birthday. (I have no shame)

My faithful readers might remember that I talked about how dinnertime is often “dinner and a show” with Emma & Ricardo. Anything funny or ridiculous they have done in the past was blown out of the water by that night.  They told us all the tricks to getting Spanish boyfriends – complete with acting it out – I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and I thought Ryan was going to pass out from laughing. Ricardo told us there are plenty of Argentinian boys in the city, and we should look for them over the Spanish boys because they are all tontos – or gay. Emma told us we’d be better off with the boys from the North (her family is from Cataluña – Barcelona area), but those malagueños… no, no no.

They acted out all the classic moves to get the Spanish boys to kiss us – complete with “oh, I dropped something (bend and snap?)!” and the “There’s something in my eye!” – I guess these moves are universal and there isn’t any difference between the US and Spain in this respect. Don’t worry – I would be embarrassed to behave like that. (for my dad’s peace of mind) ;)

OH, and the best part was that they told us that if we married Spanish boys, we had to invite them to our weddings and pay for their plane tickets & a stay in the US for a month so they can travel. (riiiiight)

Ryan & I

I did go out with some friends from ISA that night, but it isn’t anything to write home about. They were very sweet to take me out – and my friend Ashley, whose birthday was the same as mine – but I’ll be perfectly honest and say that the places we ended up at are my least favorite places in the universe. Plus it’s a little bit of a let down to have a 21st birthday here when no one really cares haha! In the end Ryan & I left early and went home, so we didn’t miss classes the next day.



4 thoughts on “My Golden Birthday

  1. I am glad Emma, your host mother, gave you a special birthday breakfast since we were not there to give you breakfast in bed with a candle in a piece of toast or a muffin and singing happy birthday totally off key and very loudly.

    I can hardly wait to see you in 5 or 6 weeks! I don’t know how long it is since I am not in countdown mode yet…..I am waiting for April for that. :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, dear Caitlin!! I know what a golden birthday is!! So fun that you got to spend it in Spain.

    Mrs. Potter

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