there aren’t any leprechauns in the Dublin airport

Part of the Harbor in Wicklow

In reference to the past post… yes, I spent most of St. Patty’s Day in the airport.

How did that happen? Well, read on & be entertained.

We began Saturday morning after sleeping only a few hours (thank you rude french boys) and Trish (hostel owner) teaching us how to make a traditional Irish breakfast. She took us to the grocery store and helped us pick out the ingredients, and then showed us how to make it. Wouldn’t you know that she gave me the task of frying potatoes – something I am learning to do with both “care and love.” (post reference from march 11) While we were making breakfast we listened to the 20-person German band practicing outside for the parade. They were staying the hostel with us – I’m not kidding, there was a legit German marching band staying in our hostel.

Breakfast included fried potatoes, cooked tomatoes, boiled eggs, brown-bread toast, bangers (sausage), a ham-like meat (it had a name that i forget), oatmeal. It’s a big difference from “pan tostada” in Spain.

Irish Breakfast

While we were eating, Trish came in and dragged us outside and the German band played “Happy Birthday” for Courtney (it was her 21st) while we sang for her in English. She was beaming. :]

Wicklow Coastlands

After breakfast Trish took us on a short tour of Wicklow – we saw the ruins of a fortress on the coast, the old streets in the town, the old catholic church, and other important things. It was sunny for most of the morning, and made for some beautiful pictures. We then returned to the house and watched “Leap Year” (Amy Adams & the handsome Matthew Goode anyone?) because it’s filmed in Ireland. The Wicklow St. Patty’s Day parade was at 3pm, and we had been convinced to take part by Trish, so we finished the movie & got ready. Trish had gotten Courtney to dress up as Captain Haplin (an old owner of our hostel who was famous for laying telegraphic cables across the Atlantic) & Katie as his wife (bonnet & shawl). The rest of us carried flags – so yes, I am carrying an American flag in this parade. Oh, and we walked behind the German band the whole time – who were excellent.

I definitely didn’t expect to say that I had been in a parade on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. How crazy!

Me, Courtney&Katie, Emily

Courtney & Birthday Stew

After the parade we decided to make our own homemade beef stew for dinner, so we ventured to the store to buy ingredients, and then came back & made our stew. Jim was a culinary arts major for a bit, and Katie & I are obsessed with cooking, so it turned out wonderful. We also bought a cake courtesy of Courtney’s parents, and celebrated with her and tried to play a few Irish games to pass the time while the stew cooked (hours!).

Courtney & I

Finally it was late enough to go to the pubs, so we went to a new (read: younger) pub and celebrated Courtney’s 21st birthday with her. I tried at least 4 different kinds of beer. No success. I’m just never going to be a beer girl.

Unfortunately our St. Patty’s Day celebrating was cut short because we had to catch the 1:30am bus to Dublin Airport from Wicklow. We got into the aiport around 3am, and pulled an all-nighter in a closed cafe, eating mandarins, nutella, and talking about anything and everything.

I flew out of Dublin no problem at 7:30am and slept maybe 1 hour on the plane. Then I chatted with the older Irish couple seated next to me until we landed. I met several Irish couples over the weekend, but my favorite was the woman who asked me, “So do you like Obama?” (within 10 minutes of meeting) My response, “Well… not really.” “Did you like Bush then?” “Uhmmm no…” “What about Clinton?” (Woman! Seriously!) “Not so much.”  “…So who DO you like?” It’s hard to explain my small government, free-market political views in a socialist country. ;]

In the end, what began as a rough visit to Ireland, ended being an amazing time with close friends & wonderful memories. I’m really glad I decided to go, and I hope that I get a chance to visit Ireland again (in the summertime!).

Irish Coast


2 thoughts on “there aren’t any leprechauns in the Dublin airport

  1. 1. Happy birthday! :D Feliz cumpleaños!
    2. I know those ppl in your pictures!
    3. At the reference to the last post, I almost cracked up laughing in my SSFT night class…

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