Senderismo (Hiking)

Kristie & I

If you’re reading this is class or at work… I’m glad you’re choosing me over it.  However, I promise you’ll laugh.

Kristie from GCC was visiting Malaga this weekend, so I wanted to show her how beautiful Malaga’s countryside is – so we decided to attempt hiking in the mountainous areas around Malaga.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly annoying it was to find decent trails in the area – and then to figure how to GET to them! No one native seemed to know where to go or what to do. Eventually, I went one of the ISA directors here (they are such a wealth of knowledge & so wonderful) and she gave us a map & detailed directions how to get there.

Easy, right?

It’s not that I’m directionally challenged. Because I’m not anymore. But when the directions are lines on a map that you can’t figure out what the distance between things is… you’re in trouble.

My Imitation of the Tree

We got off the bus and found the road we were supposed to take. And then we saw the sign pointing in the direction we wanted, so we followed it. We found a road that I thought was the one we were supposed to take. So I led us in that direction until Gray decided – “Oh, Carolina (ISA director) told us we were supposed to climb over this guard rail. At least, I think that’s what she said in Spanish.” So we climb over it and go about 5 steps before we decided it was a bad idea. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to climb over a guard rail. Isn’t there a reason they exist…?

We went back & continued up the road, until we came to gate. And that was when I realized we had found the PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL that was marked on our map. I all but ran in the opposite direction.  The guards at the gate must’ve thought we needed to be in there from the way we were acting.

We spent the next half hour walking down the road & then walking back & then trying different side roads. At one point I was about to join the old men in the taller de coches (car garage) for coffee & learn how to fix Spanish car engines because I was sooo tired of walking around.

But after 1 & 1/2 hours we found it.

Oh, and it was literally a stones throw away from us when we first stopped and doubted ourselves. Seriously.


It was very pretty, but unfortunately today was one of the 5 days of the year that Malaga is overcast & a little “rainy.” (And by rainy I mean 10 drops of water) So the whole day I felt like I was in Grove City.

Kristie & I

After walking for a while, we found these abandoned ruins of something. And it clearly wasn’t that old or important because it had grafitti on it, and Gray managed to break off a piece of it while climbing – which also nearly gave me a concussion. (I wasn’t supposed to write about this) For him to save face,  I have to also mention that he saved me from a concussion by warning me about the falling debris.

When we found it, there was a sign warning us of the “abejas” (bees), so I wasn’t about to venture inside or near it, and I walked around to the back and looked at the view of the hills. And I saw what looked like wooden white washed seats.

I thought it was curious that there were these seats in the middle of nowhere, but I was tired & not about to complain.

As I was about to walk down and sit on them and wait for Gray & Kristie to finish exploring, they walked up behind me and Gray said, “Oh, look! Beehives!”


Beehives & The View

It’s always an adventure & a half when you go new places with me. I’m thinking for the next time I want to go somewhere without a tour guide, I will have to either make native friends to be my tour guide, or get extremely detailed instructions including land-marks & warnings.


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