“Qué linda”

Today was hermosa. (“qué linda” Emma would say) 70 degrees, sunny and perfect. I dressed for the weather appropriately (skirt, top, cardigan & sandals) but then stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the Spaniards who were still wearing their winter jackets.Are you kidding me?That’s just reason #1840187 I will never fit in here.

El Balcon

I came home from school and instead of going to the beach, I decided to study on the balcony. Unfortunately, en la sombra (shade) it’s a little chilly, so I ended up inside, but still had the same view. I drank 3 cups of tea and ate my cookies. Which, I love las canelas (cinnamon cookies) and the ones that apparently have manzanas (apples) in them (don’t ask), but I am dying for some chocolate chip cookies. (I also have an insatiable craving for chocolate cake but that’s another story)


I really miss cooking already, but thinking about these cookies makes me miss it all the more! That is one of the few things I miss about home – 24/7 access to a kitchen. :)
Emma & Ricardo had gone grocery shopping and Ryan was asleep so the apartment was silent. It was so incredibly peaceful and made studying the Spanish Civil War a little more bearable. :)


2 thoughts on ““Qué linda”

  1. girrrrl i’m in the same boat! but luckily for me Gemma lets us in the kitchen whenever we want! we’re cooking dinner for her this thursday. too excited to make the apple pie recipe i stole from joanna :)

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