Spanish Speed Dating

Guess what I did tonight.

It’s called an Intercambio, and it’s my ticket to finding a gorgeous spanish husband with broken english.

For serious though.

Last Week's Intercambio

It’s an organization that pairs people up for language exchange based on your age and language level. I’ve done it 3 times since I arrived in Málaga and it’s super fun. Here’s how it works. You sign up online and fill out some basic information (age, gender, native language, language you want to practice, ability, and etc). Then they email you to tell you that they have found you a partner! When we meet up (it’s a large organization… at the very least 50-70 people), you sign in, pay them 1 euro and they give you a number. Which you place on your jacket and then wander around awkwardly looking for your partner. Eventually we all leave and go to a teatería for tea/coffee/batidos (milkshakes) and spend half the time conversing in 1 language, and half the time in the other.

And the Spanish husband thing… it’s not working out so well because I have been paired with other females every single time. Oh, except the married (and pregnant) couple.  I’ve really enjoyed it so far – I can tell that my spanish is improving. I understand spoken spanish fairly well, and i’m becoming a little more fluid in my speaking – especially tonight. So that’s definitely a boost in this crazy week.

The picture above is from last week’s Intercambio – my american friend, Brandon (also in ISA with me), and the two spanish girls we were paired with. This week I was by myself with one other girl, Marta, who I got along with very well, and enjoyed talking to.  I’m definitely looking forward to future intercambios – keeping my fingers crossed for mi Principe Azul. (spanish way of saying prince charming) ;)



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