La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba is the very beginnings of Malaga – built by the Phonecians thousands of years ago. I’m used to seeing things in the US that are only 200-300 years old, but here in Spain everything is thousands of years old! It’s kind of hard to believe half the time.

I see the main wall everyday on my bus ride to school, but ISA took us on a tour of it today. It is absolutely beautiful! And it was only just discovered about 50-60 years ago! It’s been built up a lot in recent years in terms of the visitor center and surrounding shops and etc. It’s very well-preserved and so incredibly cool.  

It’s even cooler that it’s right in the middle of downtown Malaga, so there’s a huuuge shopping area right next to it, as well as some of the government buildings and the El Puerto (the port) is visible from it.

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Me in La Alcazaba

View of Malaga from La Alcazaba

Some of us are planning a visit to Gibraltar tomorrow, so look for a post and pictures about that trip. As well, I’ll probably write about Spanish nightlife in the near future,  when I get the chance.

Hasta luego!

3 thoughts on “La Alcazaba

  1. Hey Caitlin . . .Just found out a 2 days ago from Mrs. Potter that you have a BLOG!! Sooo glad she told me . . .Of course I have to start from the very beginning which is why I’m commenting on your 2/10 post on 3/3!! Anyway, was wondering how in the world that crazy huge wall could be smack-dab in the middle of Malagda for a thousand years and go unnoticed until a few years ago?!! Was it buried?!! Anyway, am so proud of you and love hearing what you’re doing and looking at your beautiful pictures!!! Saw David at the Trade Show today and he said Colleen & your mom are coming in April – WOO HOO!! You guys will have a blast!!

    • oh it wasn’t unnoticed – it’s up on a hill above most of downtown Malaga – there were phonecian ruins that are underneath the city that were just discovered. Also I think the Roman theatre was just discovered a few years ago because it’s in front of the wall at sealevel amongst downtown Malaga. There’s tons of Phonecian and Roman ruins under downtown Malaga too but they can’t exactly dig up the middle of the city to unearth them haha

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