Gastronomia de Espana

I love Spain. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, I was on the beach today and it was sunny and 67 degrees.  That’s pretty awesome, considering my hometown is probably covered by its ever-present clouds.

One of the biggest differences from home to spain is the food. Spain has a particular way of eating, and here’s some things I’ve picked up on so far.

1. They eat a lot of meat.  I mean, I did a 21-day vegan challenge right before I came here, and I’m practically vegetarian at school, so this has been a big adjustment. I told my senora that I absolutely will not eat pork, and I don’t want a lot of beef. But still, I am a little tired of chicken and seafood. :)

2. They don’t eat whole wheat bread. BOO!! I don’t like white bread, and I put up with it for now – but eating simple sugars for breakfast every morning is causing me to crash in my first class – and I can’t sleep through Spanish Art History!

3. Everything is cooked in lots and lots of olive oil. Well, I know this made some of the kids kind of sick for the first few days – it hasn’t bothered me at all, probably because we mainly cook with that at my house. But still. This is a looot more.

Paella de Mariscos

4. Paella is everywhere. It’s a super authentic spanish dish that originated in Valencia (learned that today in Spanish culture) and has veggies, chicken, rabbit, or seafood. It’s really yummy – my senora made it today for lunch. Buuuut it’s kind of everywhere. Like burgers and fries in the states. You know.

5. They eat SO MUCH pig. So much ham – especially iberian ham, which is disgusting – and a lot of sausage (chorizo). Literally everything is ham.

6. They don’t eat a lot of vegetables. Well, they eat some. But not a ton of fresh things. My mom will tell you that I’m a vegetable junkie – and I miss broccoli, asparagus, carrots, kale, spinach. However, I think the reason for this is because it’s January and they aren’t in season. See, they don’t really eat a lot of stuff if it’s not in season.

7. Oranges are everywhere. I’m not kidding. They literally line the streets. They are gorgeous of course, and they taste soooo good.

8. Spanish cookies are so so good. They have these small little ones that are really dense and have apples of some sort in them and Ryan and I are addicted to them. And we eat them for breakfast.

9. Breakfast is the exact same thing every single day. Small pieces of toast (white) with peach jam (delicious), small cookies, and tea, with pre-packaged muffins also available. Read this as: 100% simple sugars (yay)

10. Everyone drinks a lot of coffee. In fact, in the largest grocery store I’ve been in… they had three aisles for liquor and wine and beer and whatever, and 3 shelves for tea. And there are cafes or bars on every corner. So everyone is constantly drinking wine or cafe con leche. 

Sorry I don’t have any more pictures of food right now – I wanted to take a picture of the giant pillar of ham legs (WITH THE FEET STILL ATTACHED) yesterday, but Ryan said it was too disgusting. It probably was.


4 thoughts on “Gastronomia de Espana

  1. ask for pan de molde-integral. they don’t buy it usually, but if you ask, maybe your host mom will give you whole-wheat. we looked it up the first week we were here

  2. It took me a solid week to figure out that “soycaitlin” probably came from Spanish and therefore was not intended to reflect your food preferences. =P

    I hope you will try lots of meat while you’re there–you’d be missing out otherwise. I found the pork incredibly varied and often completely different from in the States, and in fact I would not have said that I liked pork until I went to France. What I wouldn’t give for some fuet de Catalan right now… or some of those delicious oranges.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog and I’m glad to see how well you’re doing with meeting and communicating with people. It’s inspiring.

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