Vamos a Ronda!

View from Ronda


We took our first excursion with ISA today to Ronda, a small city (about 38,000) an hour ish north of Malaga in the mountains. We were warned that it would be cold, but we didn’t know just HOW cold it really was going to be. Try SO COLD WE COULDN’T FEEL OUR EXTREMITIES after 1 hour of the 3 hour walking tour. The tour guide would have been sooo much more interesting if I could’ve felt my nose or  fingers.

This was mostly because I didn’t bring a winter coat to Spain because I thought “oh, I’m living on the beach and it won’t be cold.” Except that it gets into the 40s at night and anywhere north of Malaga is still winter. So, I have now worn my fleece and spring jacket with scarves EVERYDAY. It’s getting old.

Ryan & I in the Bull Ring

Ronda is an ancient moorish city that was built around the 7th century BC, and has a ton of the ancient ruins still there today.  It is situated among mountains as protection and it is crazy high above sea level – hence HOW COLD and windy it is!  Today it was perfectly clear skies and incredibly bright sunshine, which is why some of the pictures have a white “sky” which is actually the sun shining crazy bright.

It has (i think) the oldest still-standing bull fighting ring. This is Ryan and I standing in our makeshift muslim-esque headscarves trying to stay warm in our fall coats and the gloves that Emma (host mom) made us bring. Mine were tripped out leather gloves with tons of fur in the cuffs. They didn’t really keep my hands all that warm either.


Ancient Bridge

So we took the 3-hour walking tour, and then broke for lunch around 2:30. Most of us had lunches that our host mothers had packed for us – usually these are sandwiches – called “bocadillas” en espanol.  But we didn’t want to stand outside anymore, so instead we went into an italian place and got dessert and coffee instead. I’m in love with cappuccinos now. And I’ve been craving cake for aaages. So it was absolutely perfect.

Then we went shopping at little tourist shops to try to stay warm. Please raise your hand if you want me to bring you back a blinged out toro (bull) or a flamenco fan or a “i heart espana” keychain. Cause they’re everywhere.

For those near and dear to my heart, you’ll probably be receiving something equally as touristy and small so I can fit it in my suitcase. You’re welcome!

If you ever want to see more pictures, I have been posting them on facebook, and the albums are public, so anyone should be able to see them. There’s a link on the side of the page of this blog to find me on facebook. Let me know if you can’t access them and I’ll try to link them here. :)


And feel free to leave comments – it’s sooo wonderful to hear from everyone  back home. :)



3 thoughts on “Vamos a Ronda!

  1. For the record – I DO NOT want a blingy keychain or something equally boring. Remember I will have room to bring thing back with me too! Nothing “touristy” just authentic, ok?

    p.s. Shall I mail you a coat?

  2. But we DO. We collect tacky tourist souvenirs. So keep your eye out for the tackiest thing you can find that’s super-cheap–we’d love that. It will earn a place of honor in our curio cabinet! And I’ll even reimburse you–but I will understand if you don’t have enough room in your luggage….heehee

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