Vivo en Malaga

Vivo en Malaga.

But before I tell you about it, this is how you pronounce it. MAH-lahgah. It is NOT maLAga. There’s an accent on the first syllable, but wordpress won’t let me use it. :( I promise I know where accent marks are haha

Tienda de Flores

So, I live in El Centro. A few blocks away from the “main drag” in Malaga, and like I said before, only a block away from the Mediterranean. Even if it is the shipyard.  But I also live extremly close to La Plaza de Merced and El Catedral de Malaga. Which are reallyyyy nice areas and absolutely beautiful.

This is one of 6 or 7 Tiendas de Flores on the street near mine. I walk past them everyday and want to buy flowers.

We had a short walking tour yesterday of some parts of Malaga, and lemme tell ya… I could move her. It is absolutely gorgeous.  And so was our tour guide. And his broken english was so funny. Hopefully my terrible spanish comes off the same way. ;)  

Courtyard at UMA

Anyway, so everyday I have classes from 9:30 to 2:20 with an hour break from 11:40-12:40 ish. The past two days I spent that hour at the beach or in the sunny courtyard (left) outside our classroom.  So in the morning I take the bus from a stop about 10 minutes away from home, and ride it for 20 minutes to El Palo, the neighborhood when UMA is. 3 of my 4 classes are taught by one professor, Christina, who is a thin woman with insane, dark curly hair and a teaching voice that is fast paced but very expressive and clear. She isn’t terribly hard to understand but I’ll learn a lot from her. My language class is taught by a man, Carlos, who has a pretty monotone voice and speaks like a Malagueno. AKA dropping tons of consonants, speaking fast and jumbled. So he is hard to understand. Today he asked me what the date was and I had no idea he was asking me a question because his voice didn’t change. Sooo I looked like an idiot. But at least everyone else did too at some point. It’ll be my least favorite class I’m sure. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love grammar and the intricacies of the spanish language, but that man is HARD to understand!

View of the Mediterranean and the mountains behind Malaga

The walk along the beach en El Palo

When it gets warmer, I’ll be spending my hour break “a la playa” (at the beach). It’s a natural beach, and it’s gorgeous. I looove it. It’s too cold right now – mid 50s, and windy, so it’s a little too cold to even be on the sand. But in a few weeks it’ll be warm and sunny and I will be there alllll the time. So maybe I’ll get a little more color than normal this year haha.

After school around 2:30, I take the bus home, and Ryan and I eat with Emma & Ricardo. They are from Argentina originally so they say words like “llevar” and “amarillo” (yevar and amariyo) like “jervar” and “amarjo”. And they speak slower so we can understand them better. I actually had a long conversation with them at lunch today, and I love talking to them. I gave Emma my “host gift” yesterday – a small plate from Wendell August that had the classic floral pattern on it – dogwood, creo que si (I believe). A ella le ENCANTA muchismia! (She loved it a LOT) I got “dos besos” and she went on for like 20 minutes about how beautiful it was and how perfect it was. I had to look up some words, but i finally got to tell her about the forge and why I got it for her.

More to come after this weekend, when I’m going to Ronda – a city just north of Malaga in the mountains a little. Hopefully I won’t freeze since I didn’t bring a winter coat!


2 thoughts on “Vivo en Malaga

  1. Caitlin! It’s so wonderful to read your posts. I’m excited for you and all of your adventures!

    Love and blessings –

    Mrs. Potter

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