Primer Dia de Malaga

I’ve only been in Malaga for 6 hours. But it feels sooo much longer.

La Vista de mi ventana

First, I live within view of the water. Okay, so it’s actually La Puerta (the port), but it’s still water!! I can’t even see Wolf Creek from my dorm window, am i right? :P And I live practically in the center of the city. I like it because it’s busy, so it’s like  a big city in that regard, but it also has the calmer beach lifestyle to it as well. The only thing i regret is that it is not quite as quaint or charming as inner city Toledo is, but I have not explored it very much. 

We got here and our host mothers picked us up and took us home. We introduced ourselves – Ryan is beginner spanish, and i’m more advanced spanish – but Ryan is awesome because she picks up on a lot of things I miss when they are speaking to us. So I talked to her a little bit and explained some things about how neither of us eat milk or pork. How great is that haha! Emma (eeema) speaks very little english, but is learning some. Our host dad, Ricardo, speaks NO ENGLISH whatsoever.

I said I was excited to get to Malaga and be forced to speak only Spanish, but I didn’t know how tiring it actually is. Oh my lanta. I am so glad to have an english speaking roommate so alleviate some of the communication frustration I have. Even though I didn’t expect to communicate perfectly, or really anything like that, I get frustrated when I don’t know the word for what I want to say. So i’m constantly google-translating, or talking around myself.

Emma and Ricardo have lived in Malaga for a long time, but they are originally from Argentina. Or at least, Ricardo is because he pronounces his “ll”s as “j”s.  (thank you Phonetics’ oral exams!!) They have been speaking pretty slowing and anunciating for us, so I am getting a lot of what they say, but I really just want to understand it allllll. I can’t learn the language fast enough lol!

Mi Cuarto


Here is a picture of my room. I can’t remember the last time I had my own room – 6th grade?? Completely unexpected, but they asked Ryan and I if we wanted to share or if we wanted our own. We didn’t care either way – but I have not had my own room in sooo long that I asked for that. It’s adorable.

We had dinner – a noodle soup, bread, and a zucchini quiche. Emma told us it was made from “calabazas” which I only learned as “pumpkin”, so I was really confused and asked her. So she described it as “largo y verde y…” and then I realized it was a zucchini. It was pretty good! And we had strawberries for desert. Which are RIDICULOUSLY cheap here. And delish!

A few other things, water and electricity are EXPENSIVE here, so we take short showers and the water heater has to be turned on for an hour before we shower. (one of the american things i miss a loooot). And we have to turn the lights off constantly. Which Ryan found a shortcut for all of us – she just plugs in her phone charger and it completely blows the fuse. That’s a savings in electricidad for a few minutes. haha

Well, the shower es listo – as I asked Ricardo, and he corrected me – “no, esta listo.” Es listo means “it’s smart” and Esta listo means “it’s ready.” I KNOW THIS!! But I still make these mistakes constantly because I’m not spending five minutes thinking about it haha. Anyway, la ducha esta lista, and I have to get up early tomorrow.

Hasta luego!


2 thoughts on “Primer Dia de Malaga

  1. su cuarto es muy bonito. am I right? And the view of the water is beautiful. You will be proficient in Spanish in quick order. No problemo, si? I miss you and love you bunches. David does too!

  2. When our Brazilian missionary relatives were here, they told us that after about two months, something flips in your brain, and it gets easier. Before that, yes, it’s very tiring and frustrating, but I guess that’s the only way to learn.

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