Flying… why can’t i just take a boat?

Here I am, sitting in Pittsburgh Int’l Airport waiting for my delayed flight.

I was awakened this morning by United Air calling me to tell me that my flight to Madrid was cancelled. Thankfully, “Rajeesh” was very helpful in re-routing me -so I would be “Pittsburgh-DC-Newark-Madrid.” 3 connections?? Well. I’m the one desperate to get to Madrid on time… I agreed and he put me on hold for a minute, only to come back a second later “Ma’am, I found an easier route – let’s re-route you from Pittsburgh to Newark and then to Madrid.” Much better.

However, I then had to be at the airport more than 2 hours early to take care of all the details of my new flight. But when I arrived, I discovered my flight was delayed.

So there I was – with three hours before my flight left.

Thankfully, the Very Chatty Young Businessman talked my ear off for only 10 minutes before he got up and walked around. (Thank you!!!) And I dragged my Very Heavy Shoulder Bag to “Nature’s Kitchen” and purchased a $5 fruit cup.

So, to pass the rest of the time, I’m planning to review “el aeropuerto” vocabulario in my spanish conversation book.

Hasta luego!


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