Tech Help

I can’t claim that my friends will actually read my blog this semester. Most probably won’t. Even if I promise not to be long-winded… I’m no fool. I know they “won’t have time”. (You better not make stumbleupon or pintrest your priority over me! You know who you are!)

However, I know my mother and many from another generation will want to read about my exciting life in Malaga!

But you don’t want to have to constantly be checking this blog for updates. How would you like them sent directly to your email?

Here’s how you can do that!

See that button down at the bottom of my page? Under this post?? It says “FOLLOW” with a plus sign?

Click it!

This should – emphasis on the “should” set you up to receive email updates.

Easy for you right?

I hope so!

In any case. Another thing you can do to keep up with my life – because I guarantee it will be more interesting than anything western PA can offer…. is you can find me on facebook or twitter! See the links under “blogroll”? To the right of this post. They’ll take you straight to my pages on those sites.

And yes, I’ll accept friend requests from my mother’s friends. :)

6 days!!


2 thoughts on “Tech Help

  1. You followed all my posts, so… only fair, right? Have a blast girl! Just remember: travel as much as possible, and no regrets!

    Que te diviertas a montones!

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