Well. It’s getting down to the wire. I have less than 2 weeks to finish absolutely everything I planned to do over break. And I can safely say I avoided a considerable amount of procrastination the past few weeks. :)

To do:

– Pack
– Take everything out of my suitcase because i want to take wayyy too much
-Re-pack  **much lighter
-I still have too many shoes/scarves
-Edit the suitcase
– finish sorority posters for new girls
-finalize their pledge gifts
-make a poster for my little
-plan third formals
-talk to a few places about possible internships
-move all my $$ to one bank account and notify my banks/CC company that I’ll be IN EUROPE!!
-brush up on my spanish conversation vocab
-hang out with all my friends that i haven’t spent enough time with this break (BOO why do i wait to the last minute!)

the likelihood that i will do all of those?  SLIM chance.


One thought on “Prep

  1. You forgot coming to Pittsburgh to visit me before you leave! Pretty sure that should have been number one on the list. :p

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